Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Tomorrow (hopefully not any longer than that!), we will meet our son! The baby we tried for over 2 years to have. Tomorrow, we get to see his beautiful face, smell is baby skin, hear is tiny squeaks and loud screams. Tomorrow, I will be able to sigh a big sigh of relief... Tomorrow, I won't have to wait any longer for my wish to come true.

Tomorrow - Wyatt Dean Hudak will come into our world, and change it forever. Tomorrow we will bond with our newborn baby boy. We will be a true family.

Tomorrow is the day.

Wyatt will be here 20 days early, like mommy guessed all along - he will be born at the end of August.

I ask for all of your prayers and well wishes. Being induced is hard enough sometimes, I will be put on a yucky medication to help prevent seizures (due to preeclampsia). I am asking for prayers for my strength and that I stay happy, and alert and not sick during this most memorable day!

Thank you all SO SO much for your 9 months (plus many more) of support through this long process!

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