Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Tomorrow (hopefully not any longer than that!), we will meet our son! The baby we tried for over 2 years to have. Tomorrow, we get to see his beautiful face, smell is baby skin, hear is tiny squeaks and loud screams. Tomorrow, I will be able to sigh a big sigh of relief... Tomorrow, I won't have to wait any longer for my wish to come true.

Tomorrow - Wyatt Dean Hudak will come into our world, and change it forever. Tomorrow we will bond with our newborn baby boy. We will be a true family.

Tomorrow is the day.

Wyatt will be here 20 days early, like mommy guessed all along - he will be born at the end of August.

I ask for all of your prayers and well wishes. Being induced is hard enough sometimes, I will be put on a yucky medication to help prevent seizures (due to preeclampsia). I am asking for prayers for my strength and that I stay happy, and alert and not sick during this most memorable day!

Thank you all SO SO much for your 9 months (plus many more) of support through this long process!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

43, or less!

I CANNOT believe that I am SO extremely close to meeting this little man! I find it hard to contain my emotions, excitement and anxiousness these days! I can get everything ready, organized and cleaned, but then I still find myself waiting!!

We are completely stocked up on our cloth diapers. The breast pump is ready and waiting... Our hospital bag and diaper bag are packed... His room is totally ready. Now... we just need a baby!!

Yesterday we had our first NST (Non stress test, but I beg to differ!)... Twice a week, until I deliver Wyatt, I will go to the hospital, perinatal center and will be hooked up to the regular fetal and contraction monitors for anywhere from 15-45+ minutes. They look for Wyatt's heart rate to go up, down, and stay up or down for a certain period of time. Yesterday, they hooked me up, and then after about 10 minutes, with his HR in the 130-140s, the nurse said "he wasn't meeting criteria"...HUH!? Then *I* became stressed!! She pulled out this little mechanism and said that "this will wake up the baby" and puts it on my arm and I feel nothing, but its kind of a loud buzzing. So, she put its down low on my abdomen and turns it on for no more than 4 seconds. Well, within about 2-3 minutes Wyatt woke up.. and I mean WOKE UP. I have NEVER felt him SO active. He was actually hurting my ribs/belly. My belly was bouncing ALL over the place!! And during that time, his HR went up to the 180s! She said thats what they wanted to see! So, finally I was done, and then each time you get the NST you are taken into another room for a quick ultrasound, just to measure fluid. That all looked good, so I was set to go! I stopped at the blood sugar place and got weighed and checked BP and was on my way!

I am kind of excited for all of the appt.'s because I think it will move these last 5-6 weeks a bit faster! 2 times a week for NSTs, 1 time a week for blood sugar checks, and starting next week 1 time a week for the OB too!

I only have one more ultrasound, and that scheduled for 39 weeks. This will only be to measure little man. It will tell us whether or not we will be having an u/s, or vaginal delivery. I am hoping he is a size that will not complicate a vaginal, but I know I have no control. At about 31 weeks, he measured about 33 weeks, and was in the 86th percentile! He was over 4lbs already! I am guessing he has hit 5 lbs by now... Maybe he will slow down a bit? ;)

I am just SO excited!!

43 days to go and counting!!!