Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to the old days..

Or so it seems! As far as Wyatt is concerned, it feels like I will be doing what my parents did when I was a newborn baby. You don't see/hear much of these things happening anymore, but I couldn't be MORE excited for them to occur! When Wyatt is born, I will:
  • Be using "cloth" diapers (gdiapers)
  • breastfeed for at least 1 year of his life
  • Make homemade/organic baby food
For his birth, I plan on it being completely drug free and without unneeded intervention. I have been practicing/reading Lamaze, and will have a birth plan written up, so that it is MY labor, and not the nurses/doctors.

This could very well be my one and only labor/delivery/birth experience, and I plan on doing it as naturally as possible!

Now, if only the next 12 weeks could just ZOOM by, I will be super excited!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Never, ever, did I imagine this day to arrive! After you lose 2 pregnancies, you don't think you will EVER accomplish being pregnant, to term! Thank you God!

13 weeks left! 91 days! 3 months! Amazing!!!

I CANNOT wait to meet you little Wyatt! You are going to change our lives forever!!! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sometimes I really, REALLY miss Wyatt's little brother Jakob. A lot. I know he was gone already when he was born, and looking back, I have had SO much more time with Wyatt, but I had a strong connection with Jakob too. Jakob was so very tiny, almost a figment of my imagination... But he was a baby, a boy, a human.

Just thought I would share.

Friday, June 10, 2011


So technically, I don't have diabetes, but I have many other issues that are affecting my blood sugar and have to monitor my levels 4 times a day. This gets very irritating on a daily basis, but I follow my diet (except for the occasion cheat!) and walk 1-2 miles a day!

Every 2 weeks I go and check in with an RN who checks my blood pressure and weight. I also bring my monitor and a 'diary' of everything I have eaten for the last 2 weeks (THAT is the part that gets SO annoying). I guess because I know I am being 'watched', I have stuck to it. I'm sure I would be following a healthy diet regardless, but this really keeps me on my toes!

So, I am not going to complain at all, or defend myself on this, because, well, it's AWESOME! In 26 weeks, I have gained 4 lbs! This means that I have LOST weight during my pregnancy! I am not counting on it, but what if I weighed less when Wyatt was born, than I did when I got pregnant??! I'm not banking on that, and I really don't care - BUT - that would be cool! The dr.'s don't want me gaining more than 15-20 lbs total, so for about 13.5 weeks, I have 11 lbs (min) and 16 (max). allotted to gain!  We shall see!

Wyatt - mommy and papa are SO ready for you! We hope this Summer FLIES! Mommy focuses on months at a time, and WOW, June is already almost halfway over!

13.5 weeks left! Just over 3 months! 96 days!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I decided to start a new blog, just for Wyatt. My other blog has been more about me, and Matt, Evan and our beans.

Our son's name is Wyatt Samuel Hudak. Samuel is biblical, meaning "God has heard" and "God has answered". We felt this was exact to our son, and to our lives. How our lives turned back to Christ after Jakob. How, before I became pregnant with Wyatt, I asked God to not give me a child, unless he could be born healthy and full term. I believe God has heard!

We didn't even realize his initials spelled out WSH, or, WySH. We think its perfect and fate and meant to be!

99 more days until our little man's due date, and I cannot wait to finally hold my child.