Sunday, July 3, 2011


So, I wrote a birth plan. I have received some raised eyebrows and some supporting handshakes during this part of pregnancy! SO many people have SO many ideas/thoughts/advice for you when you're pregnant, its hard NOT to listen.

A few people have asked to see our birth plan, so I have decided to share :)

Here you go!:

Labor/Delivery/Birth Plan for:
 Emily Hudak (mother) and Wyatt Hudak (child)
Our son Wyatt was conceived after 2 devastating miscarriages in 2010. This successful pregnancy means the world to me, and my husband, and we would like Wyatt to be born into a peaceful, non medicated, non stressful environment. I would like to avoid any unnecessary medical interventions, unless absolutely necessary, or should a medical emergency arise.  
Everything stated in this birth plan is based on the idea that my labor will be healthy/uneventful. Any emergency arising, will grant any and all medical interventions to be taken (and void all of my wishes stated below, to allow medical staff to safely deliver Wyatt), in order to have Wyatt and Emily healthy and safe in the end.
·         I would like to avoid induction, unless 7+ days after my due date have passed.
·         Dim lighting in delivery room, with quiet music.
·         I would like to avoid an IV line, and be allowed to eat and drink as I feel I need.
·         Intermittent EFM (electronic fetal monitoring), or telemetry EFM, to allow for free range of motion/mobility during labor/contractions.
·         Ability to walk, rock, use of a birth ball, bathe, sit on toilet – as needed to assist in progressing labor naturally.
·         Minimal vaginal examinations.
·         Allow rupture of membranes to occur on its own.
·         Do not offer pain medication to me. If I would like an epidural, pain medication – I will ask.
·         No Pitocin, to “speed up” my labor.
·         Matt Hudak (husband) to cut cord.
·         Video/photography to be allowed at all times during labor, delivery, birth and afterward.
·         Push when needed, without holding breathe/counting.
·         Ability and access to push in a variation of positions, not limited to lying on my back (birth bar, squatting, on side, kneeling, etc).
·         Avoid an episiotomy, unless absolutely necessary.
·         Have Wyatt put on my chest immediately after he is born, skin to skin.
·         Delay weighing/measuring/testing/cleaning of Wyatt, until we have bonded and he has nursed, and/or I am ready.
·         Wyatt will be breastfed only, absolutely NO formula to be given, under any circumstance (if an emergency arises, I will pump breast milk for him to be fed).
·         If a c-section were needed, I request my husband, Matthew Hudak to be present at all times, and to be allowed access to video/photograph the delivery.
·         If a c-section were needed, I would like to be awake and aware of everything happening, at all times.
·         Wyatt to remain in my room with me, at all times.
·         If Wyatt needs to be removed from my presence, Matt Hudak (husband) to be attending to all testing/procedures at all time, if I am not able to.
·         Any “optional” testing of Wyatt to be allowed/OK’ed by either myself, or by my husband Matt Hudak.

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